Upgrade skills through practice

Now I just thought of a quite bad way of maybe improving skills through doing things and practicing it.

For example:
-You could upgrade reload speed by reloading guns, as well as working bolt faster when you do it
-Cut trees faster if you cut them down a lot.

There is a problem with though, which is you could exploit it pretty easily for example you could just take a empty magazine and keep reloading it into a gun to improve the skill.
I just wanted to see what y’all think about it and any improvements to this system possibly.

The is had been suggested so many times.

Could you please link it to me because I can’t find one similar to my idea.

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Shit sorry

Well even thought it can be abused, It does make sense. You get better at things the more you do them, Practice makes perfect.

Nelson allready tell that in the trello

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How is it an exploit to invest some time in training? It’s not like it would negate the other ways you could choose to spend your time. Resources would still need gathering, bases would still need to be built and tended to, tools and clothing would still need to be maintained, etc.

This is exactly how GTA 5 does it, Most people to upgrade running would rubberband their controllers to make them run in a circle. Not sure if this is an issue though.

If you left Unturned running like that, I’m pretty sure you’d starve, dehydrate, or get murdered.

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