"Urban" - Composed by L0ST5ILVER

I wrote and composed this song today, so chill tell me what you all think.
I hope to be doing a lot of piano pieces in the future as well.


Sounds like something that would be playing is a Prohibition-era game. Personally, though, I’d like either a piano or sax solo in the middle.

That was my original plan, but my head went somewhere else with it all. I still like it though, and I think it’s a good piece, considering I’ve never done anything like this before.

wow pretty epic and chill, what did you use to make this?

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A music program

me rn

Enraged Screaming

Thanks man! I used FL Studio with my SDP-2 keyboard!

I demand to know who has done this.

also fun fact about the song, the instrument over the chord progression is actually an edited version of a clip from Steamed hams… yep

How do you see a dislike button?

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Oh, I thought you meant on the forums.

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