Using a Vehicle Camera for the Main Driver

I’ve seen on some other vehicles that there is a physical screen that allows the driver to see through a camera outside the vehicle. I’m not sure how to set this up outside of giving the driver a gun and having the camera be the aim for it.

How do I make a camera that the driver can see in order to see outside the vehicle?

For more context I see it being done here, but am not sure how they did it outside of it maybe being a custom scope and camera?

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I’ve attached a camera to a material and rendered that onto an object in order to get this to work. Now I’m running into the problem of grass and dirt appearing as black when looking through the camera.

I’m assuming this is an error with the shader used on the material but I have no clue what shader needs to be used. The only related topic I could find on the github doesn’t really help:

Well this just won’t work, not even because of the rendering issue but because the way a Render Texture works in unity is that it uses a material that is updated by the attached camera.

Since there is no way to inject code into unturned that creates a new material on awake for every camera, there’s no way to have multiple cameras for multiple vehicles. This means every vehicle will end up using whatever the last camera that updated was.

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