Utah Thing


Falken is lame and so is his map :rage:

Utah is still here and we are doing cool and nice things


yes we know there isnt a terrain hole :rage:

ok yes that is all


wow is that nevada


wait people actually live in utah?


this map is 100% not re-skinned nevada

we’re not even using nevada objects at all


Fake map. Utah isn’t a real place.


Can confirm, lived there (do not think about utah doing so makes it real)

edit: one of you made it manifest AND I WANT TO KNOW WHO


Falken is lame and so is his map :rage:

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


That reloading animation doesn’t looks that family friendly.


a scandal to rival watergate


Meanwhile in nevada.


But does your map have a cool logo? I think not :rage:


चुप रहो मैं आपकी भाषा बोल रहा हूं यदि आप इसे जारी रखते हैं तो मैं आपको मार दूंगा

berantem yuk :slight_smile:
also for the record utah logo is black mesa scorpion 7 ok nerd thanks
or maybe the united states strategic command emblem :thinking:


Sad! Make your own logo!


yes a sentence ok thanks modbot


Except I did!


wait, is that salt lake city? or a, I just crazy?


That grenade launcher animation could use some heavy work

Otherwise rly kewl map when’s release


Yeah, it’s salt lake city, and an early version at that


fuck how did you make those mountains look so good man


dost it have le temple?