Variety of bullet drop for different guns

I reckon it would be a lot better if different guns had a bullet drop to suit its class, such as rifles and sniper rifles having less bullet drop then a machine gun like a maplestrike, so it doesn’t feel like all of the guns are the same, but with different skins. It would also increase the difficulty slightly by having guns loosing their range as the quality of the gun worsens.

To be fair, this is actually already a thing. It’s most notable on sniper rifles and bows, but it is in general already a thing. Going into more detail would help imo, since it’s already pretty much a given that varied ballistics per “class” will be a thing.

I’d support quality affecting more attributes in general, sure.


3 is balanced this way, but for 4 all bullets are affected by proper gravity (not per-projectile like 3) so different bullet drop would be a result of different muzzle velocity.


Plus sides of this would be that you get even more variety in what your favorite gun is and Nelson could use this to make more powerful weapons harder to use.
Downsides of this would be that having to learn the amount of bullet drop on each weapon would be annoying.

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