Vehicle Hitboxes, parts, Hud idea


Using like reference the wheels in 3.0, i thinked in specify hitboxes in vehicles and eventualy consequences about shoot in that direction.

In 4.0 whe go have calibers 9mm, 7.62 etc… i thinked high calibers go penetrate resistence materials, and low calibers dont. High calibers go cause plus damage… Is logic.

Common Parts (all vehicles had)
  • Windown - Protect pilot of small caliber bullets Change resistence with lvl
  • Engine - Make vehicles walk +20% Damage
  • Carcass - all vehicle had when break explode -80% damage change with lvl and vehicle

All Specify Hit boxes and consequences.

  • Whells - When destroyed go tension the vehicle to a side. Damage destroy instantly
  • Lights - When Destroyed the car does have light Damage destroy instantly
  • Wings - Ballance the airplane, when breaked the airplane loses altitude end eventualy explode. +20% Damage
  • Tail - When losed the airplane loses altitude and eventualy crash and explode. +20% Damage
  • Rear Flap- When losed the airplane lose the capacity of change altitude and eventualy crash and explode + 60% Damage
  • Rotor Principal +10% damage
  • Rotor Traseiro +60% damage

My objectives with this is.

  • Add Upgrade parts (for example Windown lvl1 - lvl2 -lvl3… etc).
  • In case of PVP on vehicles place Player skills to work.


  • small part = +damage multipler
  • Not all bullets go cause damage at vehicles
  • All specify parts go had own HP and go crash, continue causing damage go destroy the carcass and this explode.


  • About airplanes and helicopters please nelson add this in screen to prevent crashes in unturned night

This is a really good idea in a well organized post.

But please,try to make your english a little bit more readable,I know they’re not your native language (Neither are they mine),but at least try to make the reader’s life a little bit easier.


Nice post, just that everything here has already been suggested and discussed, IIRC.
-Different vehicle parts will get hurt differently when hit by different calibers +also when hitting them against objects and melee)
-Artificial horizons, altimeters and other plane HUD extras will likely get in-game too
Hope to see you post more interesting ideas though!

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