Vehicle warping/damage

Vehicle Warping in whereas the mesh of the vehicle when hit in the appropriate spot would cave inwards causing a dent. The whole mesh of the vehicle is the total health that the car has, a car with more health for example would be harder to damage than a car that has less health.

damage to the vehicle can be fixed with a blowtorch while aiming at the appropriate spot, this then adds back to the vehicles total health.


Cool, but hard to implement.

+1 if Nelson would like a little extra detail, but not a priority.


I’d love this, though I don’t know how hard it would be to implement the soft-body physics necessary for this.Though, with terrain deformation already being a thing (creating new polygons during run-time to update existing models. is that correct terminology? I feel like it is?), I’d imagine it’s more than feasible.

Would also be neat to apply this to metal barricades and stuff, so denting a metal plate enough to tear it off of its fixtures would be really neat (but probably unnecessarily realistic and complex).

I wonder what Nelson thinks of this…

easiest way of doing this would be to make shapekeys for each part of the car and then shift the values of those shapekeys when the car gets hit

I think a more performance-firendly application of this suggestion would be the way the GTA 3D universe handled dents, scratches and severe damage overall.

First you get simple decals of scratches on the affected area. Then it warps inward, and then (If it’s not an integral part of the chassis ie. rear quarter) it detaches one side, leaving the piece hanging. Finally it just breaks loose.

That’s how you get every car looking like drift missile 2 minutes after a fresh server is made

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