Very First Object Slap me with that feedback

In Blender

Once everything Is done

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Try adding some slight curvature or create two models one like that and the other as a curved small bridge like thing. Dunno just immediately saw that and thought it was cool. Anyway gl Cus ur doing better than I ever can :smile:

I’m just trying to suit the unturned theme so thats why is blocky

You can still make it look blocky and have it curve. Other than that, it looks great, and fits in well with Unturned’s theme. +1

Unturned isn’t “blocky”, it’s low poly. Sure, there’s lots of squares, but look at the trees, they’re round.

what i meant was make like a blocky curve not a round curve u now :slight_smile:

Like this?

gotta enjoy paint while it lasts

Ahh I can try

Good luck, let me know if you need anything.

I wont need any from here on out but thanks for the offer

I suggest you thin out the blocks holding up the railing part? I think the railing on the side is perfect width but you should also lower the height on that similar to how the in-game counter tops look. (Like the one in the Cafe, Bank, and Diner models)

A true piece of art…

lel thanks kind human somewhere on earth

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