Visually Crippled Limbs

An interesting thing that could be added to Unturned is when you shoot out someone or somethings limgs, they physically limp. Similar to fallout, these crippled limbs should effect your speed at which you do things. For example, if your leg was crippled, you would walk slower and jump lower (yes I know that is in 3.0) If you injure your arms, it would slow down your reload, draw time and attack speed, or even amp your recoil. If you injure your torso, it would slightly effect everything. When your limbs are crippled, there should be a visual effect to your character such as limping or the arm being slightly ragdolled. Upvote if you agree! (repost of reddit: )


Great idea

So, basically what EFT also has.

Why not, +1

Edit: realized this was an aesthetic suggestion and not a technical one. In EFT when your legs get crippled your movement speed takes a huge hit and your walking becomes unsteady, in addition to speed debuffs on everything leg related like going prone. Getting your left or right arm has separate effects for each, IIRC the left arm affecting reload speed more than recoil and vice versa for the right arm.

In fact, I believe that decapitation should be a mechanic. Not because I am edgy, but because losing a lomb forever (or until respawn) is also an important injury that can kill you quickly and be a complete nuisance.

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eh, I’m iffy on this one. Super long term injuries can be really annoying, especially if there are no easy ways for players to deal with it. Eft has this problem less because you can escape and heal up, but in unturned it would have work on a timer system, or a “until you treat it” system. Neither of those are super great imo.

In PVP scenarios it will only really make ambushing stronger, since the person hit will probably get crippled, so its not super great for enhancing pvp.

It could work, but I would definitely prefer it to be more of a visual effect than a game play effect.
(On that note I believe Nelson plans to add decapitation as a purely visual effect.)

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I could easily see people circumvent this by just killing themselves, though.

Plus it’s a tad extreme for Unturned, even for 4.0.

I agree. In fallout if you lose a limb, You are done for.

Well, the camera could tilt with every step you take if you have a broken leg in addition to the -25% walk speed (as an example)
If you have a broken arm, interacting with almost anything would take more time. (Hold F for a longer time than the default time)
Getting shot in the abdomen should cause bleeding since it’s nothing but tissue

These are my ideas on how I would do it if it were implemented

but if you get shot in the abdomen and it gets crippled, it affects almost your whole body

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This is a game, we need to keep it balanced because your abdomen makes up a huge part of your body and if you get shot there once, everything is affected. It’s not gonna be fun to deal with.

i’m not saying that one shot would cripple you, im saying if you were hit alot it would cripple you

I know, but still we need to keep it fun and balanced because again, the abdomen is a big target so it would be easy to have everything degraded

it would give a more valuable use for vests

Let’s say the damage multiplier for body shots is higher than limb shots, and low enough health also causes debuffs.

I don’t think we need a Fallout style crippling system, but simple animations like limping for a broken leg or clutching a bleeding wound on your arm while bleeding could be cool.

It’s annoying anytime me and a friend are playing and more than a couple zombies start attacking, once he’s done killing them i need to start asking “ARE YOU BLEEDING?! ARE YOU BLEEDING!?” or something.

Visual clues as to the state the person is in is fun. Maybe some of those weird cartoon #'s on them could indicate overall low health.


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