Just a small and simple suggestion: you should be able to wallbang through thin walls with high caliber weapons, such as a heavy machine gun or a vehicle-mounted turret. A fence shouldn’t save you from a wall of 7.62 mm rounds.


and hence is why the fence gets destroyed by the bullets


Ah yes I would love to be minding my own business only to get shot randomly through a wall


Material and armor penetration for different ammunition/caliber types is confirmed as of Devlog #004. It is implied it was even implemented in UII at some point, but this was prior to the latest code rewrite and it is not currently ingame (yet).

Additional Source: Ammunition, “Upcoming features”, SDG Wiki

Tiered ammunition with different behavior against armor and surfaces.


If this does happen, then keep in mind that strong weapons penetrate defenses and damage more easily. The damage should be decreased otherwise walls are useless as a Dragonfang would do normal damage, at least from what I interpreted.

ima bang you if you know what do i mean (;

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