Want to know how to setup a gun in Unity? Here's how!


Just a quick post to show some of you a video I made a long while ago ( 7 months ago - still up to date tutorial though) on how to set up your gun in Unity. It is not a high quality professionally edited video, in fact. It was a half arsed recording I done at 1am. So forgive me for that haha.

Its a long tutorial, so I tried to scrutinize every bit of information. I recommend turning the heating on, grabbing a nice cup of coffee and leaning back, and relax. Some say my voice is soothing, I would say I agree. So enjoy the video :wink:

I would also highly recommend to check the description. Like I said, it was late at night so I missed out on some crucial information. I have also added tags to certain times in the video to help out those looking to find specific parts.

If you have a question, you got three places to ask me. Here, on Youtube Comments or (recommended) on Modworks Discord https://discord.gg/7PGNaVU

Have fun and peace :wink:


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