Warning: To anyone interested in CS:GO and Anomaly, Please Read!


There has been an incredibly large situation breaking out in the CS:GO community regarding a gambling site called “SkinHub”, it has been proven to be rigged, and has been silencing any creators trying to expose them.

Anomaly has also been affiliated with this site many times and has also deleted all of his SkinHub videos as a cover-up. He claims that he didn’t know about any of this but this is simply untrue. He publicly lied about taking down an expose video.

Here are some other tweets about the entire situation:

This entire situation is fucked up. Please stay safe if you’re interested in any of the websites or creators that have been linked to this.


TF2 also has a similar situation, but less severe. And less serious.

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Thank you bro, for informing us.


The fact that people will do something like that disgusts me. Attacking someone and their family?

Just… Yeah.

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This is like some effed up Mafia shit right there.


Gambling is already kind stupid (after all, you’re wasting time and money with colorful guns), but having this weird ass russian Mafia shit is even worse.

Don’t gamble, kids. Give your mom her CC back, and say “fuck gambling!”. Or else you might get fucked by the Mafia in Novosibirsk.

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I mean, your not completely wrong. the person who wrote the first article specified the owner of skinhub was Vladimir.


wow, more csgo gambling fiascos


CS:GO Skin sites were fake from the start. How has CS:GO users not understood. These sites are like the vbucks or robux scam sites


Never thought Anomaly would do such a thing
Money truly corrupts people


I thought he was entertaining at first, but when he started doing gambling videos I knew something sinister happened.


Anomaly’s gambling videos are hella fun :ok_hand:


Helo dis is anomally frum sveeden

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this is why everyone should have just stopped using skin sites after lotto


just from the name skinhub sounds like a vore/inflation fetish porn site

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