Was this always a thing while proning or aiming in general?

Is it normal that my arm is literally going inside of itself? (My animation settings are on high)


Wow, no, i think that is not normal at all.
Hmmm really weird. Could be a bug from the patch? Idk

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i think this has always been a thing, the 3.0 character is very sus


There’s a reason why the Bluntforce is jammed through your shoulder.

It looks like something else is up here though, you shouldn’t be able to see the bottom of the neck.

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who the fuck removed my amogus comment

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I think you are seeing the white stripe of the Russian flag on his Military Top and not his neck.

I’m not really sure, model is definitely screwed up regardless of that though.

The elbow and upper arm is inside of itself meaning the face is looking inward and not outward how I think it was looking like before meaning this must be a recently created bug