We need a mailbox mod

Just from something molt said, I want a mailbox melee weapon that you can smack zombies with. XD maybe it will havea mail falling out effect when you hit something.

Just play tf2 mvm and use the pyros mailbox NORMIE

Assuming that many people still play MvM to begin with.

Most of the time trying to play MvM will just queue you into a 24-player community server. ;’)

no go away

Wave 666 + Airstrike = yes

Wave 666 + fully upgraded scroch shots + dispenser = instant win.

(Sorry AJ I couldn’t resist.)

  1. Go to your steam library.
  2. Right click Unturned.
  3. Click properties.
  4. Click betas.
  5. Click antique.
  6. Play Unturned.
  7. Find mailboxes.

Probably the best solution until someone actually adds them on the workshop.

wdm? Fan you actually use mailboxes as weapons there? If soooo…






We need those versions to be separate games in our steam library, or at least have the option to download them separate… I dunno xd

I will download once I get on pc

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