We need large missiles in Unturned ll

Now now, before you all start furiously typing away, i’d like to say that there should be a minimum of one rocket launch available on a map. Not every map should host a rocket launch and really should be accessible to maps with a silo like in Russia.

please note, there will be no teleportation of the rocket. this is just for reference

Currently i think there should only 1 type of rocket, just sort of an average missile. I’d like to here your thoughts and opinions down below on what i’m suggesting.

Edit: Yeah i just realized something i forgot to mention. Thanks to pork it came to my attention that these silos are going to be first come first serve kind of deal, and i should bring up these points.

enemies should be much more stronger than the average zombie. i’m saying like 3x times more health and 2x more damage than the original. I also should’ve mentioned the place is gonna be in a lock down meaning everything will be closed and would require generators to break open. I also believe that these will presumably be in a deadzone ordeal so people wouldn’t just run in and press the “Do not launch button”.

Edit Edit: I should also bring up that you can also turn off the spawns for keys if you wanted to.


This would really break lots of balance, heavy bases become pointless as everyone would be too afraid to be hit with an instant base raid missile.

Also, the first people on any server will try to instantly rush to the site and claim it as their own.

Overall, it would mess with a lot of balance and would be overkill in almost every situation that you come across.


that’s why i said one missile

maybe there should also be a fallout 76 system with the keys and such instead of running towards an active missile? maybe that will balance it.

ya know what lemme edit the post real quick
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No. Because this could possible=y encourage mindless PvP and KoS from people looking to get the keys so they can nuke the server.


nuke? i never once brought up nuking the server.

I mean missile
like ordinary missile
Like military missile.
plus, I think pvp is already mindless enough 3.x alone

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I mean, the idea is cool and as long as it could be turned of it seems like a cool idea, the acces to the keys and codes could be locked behind npc quests so that you cant rush it. But yes there could be problems with it but i dont think ideas like this should be scraped just because the idea seems game breaking at first sight

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Ya know, I think you got inspired by fallout 76… Yet you say it’s an awful game?

Not healthy for gameplay and really serves little point. Not sure why this isn’t in #memes.

i think its a bad idea, the first big clan that got on the server could rush it and since its a one time use it literally brings no fun because you get to screw over your enemy once and theres just nothing good about it

Ok, what i ment was that the idea of having mechanics like this in the game should not be scraped because it seems pointless or unbalanced at first sight (btw most things can be balanced out, not sure on this one thou). Im not suggesting that there should be a one time use missile on the map that you can fug up your neighbors with and then thats it, but that the idea can be taken elsewhere to have something like it in the game

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The Missile was from fortnite
The keys were from '76
Put the 2 together and its a somewhat great mixture

What do you want me to do about it?
The most somewhat realistic way of launching a missile is through the silo
and theirs usually 1 on a map

well 3.0 had only 1 on Russia, this is 4.0 we are talking about so we could have multiple silos on a map ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Your post became 100x less decent when you mentioned fortnite


nah more like 200x more decent

but IT IS pointless, its a one time use, it brings NO FUN to anyone but the asshole who triggers it and overall its a toxic mechanic if implemented that would literally do no good, like tell me ONE single thing about it that will make unturned a better game by adding it


Allright, Things like events than need take possession are cool, good to implement but h@#y shit its a missle!

that answers your question

fffuckin toxic mechanic
the only toxic mechanic is the radiation remaining after the initial explosion

what korean said
Blowing up roleplay city

Did you even read what I just wrote? because from what it looks like your responding to my comment as if I sayed “Yes put it into the game it will be amazing”