We need large missiles in Unturned ll

yeah i did read what missile u wanted but posting a fortnite example wasnt really helping, also still you didnt say how its balanaced and why should it even be in the game

my king
im sorry
heres an actual video because you’ll act whiny when shown a fortnite missile launched as refrence
(whoops sorry wrong one)


still dont see how it would make the game better ._.

for rp or raiding

and yes

shut up if you bring the point “its tooooo op” again
its already been nailed in my head countless times

does everything have to make the game better
(dude this is just a random idea take a chill pill man xD)

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ok so im not gonna say that its too op because it might need a lot of farming and maybe grinding idk to repair the rocket or get the codes but the thing is, its not gonna be used for raiding for a few reasons, first off it has to be as hard to get the rocket going as making like 50 charges, because if it can take down a whole damn base then it cant be cheaper than the cost of like atleast 50 c4’s or it would be spammed, and if someone still wants to raid with it whats gonna happen, is the damn thing just gonna delete this poor mans base off the map cuz that sounds extreme, so it just looks like its gonna be a griefing tool ._.

yeah thats the whole point of what i’m trying to get across.
it’ll be difficult to farm and acquire such items to launch a missile
its not a fuckin gift from the heavens
Your not gonna get everything in one whole swoop
it takes time to get the items to launch the missile

bases get raided eventually
do you know how many empty broken destroyed bases I’ve found on Washington?
More than i can count with my toes and fingers combined
do you think any player in Unturned has sympathy when raiding somebody’s base?
no, they’re in it for the loot.

This man graduated college with a captain obvious diploma
that’s pretty much what a missile is
A Griefing tool

so i feel like the rocket would be op because it gives too big of an advantage to clans and punishes you for being a sad guy with no friends playing alone

thats the way of land
first come first serve

ohh yeah, i forgot to mention you can blow up the silo if you didn’t open the hatch for the rocket

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No missiles
This is supposed to be a hardcore suvival game, not a futuristic “North Korea Simulator”

Even if it only has 1 use, it still barely limits the mindless damage it does, with no negative outcome for the one using it. No sacrifice, no risk, high reward. This comment has nothing to do with hating Fortnite. It’s just not a good idea overall. Too much destruction for such little effort. It’s a no from me


ehh what ever

i’ll just mod it in or somethin

No. 10 characters.



A slightly more acceptable alternative would be an assemblable long range TOW missile launcher, or other forms of assemblable/fixed/mounted artillery, such as HMG’s, anti-vehicles cannons and light to heavy mortars, and even then this shit would become highly milsim and potentially OP as in forms of raiding.

EDIT: mounted HMG’s and light to medium mortars would open really interesting possibilities for holding defensive positions and/or raiding bases.

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Could you imagine playing a survival game for the survival

This meme brought to you by perpetual Cold War simulator gang

Seriously though, this really isn’t much better off than just flat out adding a nuke into the game. Nor does it have anything remotely productive to add to gameplay for reasons other than to chronically ruin one particular person’s day.


Pesky: Can we get missiles?
Forum: For raiding and fireworks?
Pesky: yeeeeeeeeees
Forum: no

steam workshop almost 3 years ago


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Notice how it’s on the workshop and not officially ingame, because it literally has no place in a survival game?

damn it he got me there

h e l l no, But nelson could add mounted guns and then allow modders to make assets that are interactable like mounted guns and just code in its explosion properties, would be cool for roleplay

It eliminates any intresting dynamic between players cause the second a faction gets that nuke code your base just gets 1 shot with no way to counter it unless you could somehow get two factions to get a weapon of mass destruction themselves then maybe you might get a intresting M.A.D. scenario but ya cant really garantee that

Plus this is more about the survival aspect not cold war simulator