Weapon customization

To make things clear, I’m not talking about tradable skins but rather about a way to customize weapons in game.

Basic charactristics:

  • bound to weapon (when you drop the weapon, skin will stay on it)
  • set of templates, that can be overlayed over each other and change colors
  • option for server specific templates
  • requires a painting station to apply layers
  • option to save presets

Some examples:


final skins:


Idk about this. Kinda breaks immersion imo.

We’ll see what they have to say about it.


well you can paint guns in real life. or add leather wrappings to handles and such
edit, your right Greathero. I really need to stop putting XD at the end of my sentences.

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RainArmy-esque skin at the end

ech no stop pls

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Skins wont exist in 4.x

Correction: Nelson is reconsidering the entire economy system for 4.x.*

This post isn’t about the economy, it’s about in-game spraypaint-esque features.


Please, just no

why not bruh? its probably gonna be pre selected sprays. possibly these would be made byt he community, voted intot he game and then nelson would make them spray paintable on the guns. So why not? its not like your going to see anything inappropriate.

I don’t think you’ve ever played a game with its own integrated cosmetic system to know that these can exist without a Steam economy or a paid market.

See also: Rocket League, BrainOut


I think you don’t know waht I ever played. I don’t like skins at all, not only those you have to buy from steam or whatever.

Well sure, you don’t like it, but you aren’t making a point by simply saying ‘Please no’ without an explanation. People are looking for pros and cons, not personal preferences

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Damn, makes sense

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