Weapon function and tutorial suggestions

Tutorial map like this from squad https://youtu.be/GNGvZSkZNV8 well scripted, and tell all needed info. I’d be nice hearing nelson’s voice telling you all needed features.

RPG: RPGs shoot projectiles that do not ignite until they are 5 or 10 feet away from the shooting position. Once beyond that range, they can blow up. So it’s like this: launch, ignition, hit, blow up.

Muzzle flash: When firing near leaves or a dusty surface like canyon rock or sand, the muzzle flash flash should kick up dust particles and leaves.

Bullet: When the bullet travels through the air it has an aerodynamic wave that should be like a short wind force for dust particles and leaves.

Hit: When hitting a surface like stone or walls it should kick some dust particles that are the same color as the surface. And when the bullet hits would it should scatter some wood splinters that can cause very little damage to players, slow and short bleed rate, but cause infection if not cared for soon. You might even get AIDS from the splinter if the surface had blood on it. /s

Here’s a video from the corridor crew where I got these ideas from. https://youtu.be/mlpliB5j2Iw go to 10:17 for what I’m saying.

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  • Non are good ideas
  • Concept of the tutorial is good
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  • The extra gun stuff is unneeded
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I’d also like to see better sound design in the game. I made this post, and there were no dislike comments, so I’m not sure of what other people think of my sound design post. Will there be better sound design?

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  • Don’t agree with some things.

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I feel like there should be the possibility that it could blow you up if you hit something right in front of you. Then there would be a slight risk when using it so you would have to put some thought to where you are shooting it from, but that just a thought of mine ¯\ (ツ)

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I rarely play Squad because I’ve got nobody to play it with but I did check out the tutorial a day or two ago. It seemed kind of interesting giving a basic rundown of some of the main mechanics and making you run through a few obstacle courses to learn how to play. I’m lost with whatever is going on with Unturned II right now but the firing range could be a great map for a tutorial if there isn’t a special tutorial map made already.

The firing line of the practice range fills a very different niche than a scripted kill house for a tutorial; one provides an open sandbox to test various weapons on various targets at various ranges, the other provides an on rails course to learn and practice mechanics. I definitely wouldn’t replace the firing range with a tutorial, and while I wouldn’t mind a tutorial being added to the same map, I’d be more interested in adding:

  • a lane with paper targets that have indicators of where they’ve been hit until the target is reset, (of course for performance reasons, the paper would probably just get destroyed after enough hits, rather than trying to store and display a million hit locations)
  • a lane with a chronograph to measure bullet velocities
  • (a) lane(s) with ballistic gelatin, spinner targets, ballistic clay, or some other target that gives an indication of terminal effect
  • customizable loadouts instead of having to spawn in items and swap around attachments.

I think it’s a good idea, though I do not really like the part about taking damage because of the wooden splinters, I find it a little overdone.
The idea of sound is good, yes.

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