Weapon Stand

So this is a stand that does not just hold your original op weapon what this thing does it just places down your gun on a stand so you can shoot better this is good for defend your house and target practice.What cannot go on it is Nyvox dragonfang and other because they are not able to fit it design a bluntforce or short range are not allow because in 10 to 3 second you can died if the short range can’t reach the player y’all can decide.So how does it affect the player well as i said it increase his or her chance of getting good aim and also it good for target practice and trolling sometime i think this should be a feature.

Oh this is a neat idea. But please, for the sake of your readers, make concise posts.

Though I think that LMGs should be able to be mounted.


It’d be nice to be able to have emplacements, whether it’s being able to unfold a bipod, plant a LMG on a sandbag, or having one of those metal tripods. Honestly I’d feel it’d be pretty balanced as it’s just a manual version of a sentry, the only possible issue would be exploits. Like someone puts a tripod down next to a wall and clips through the map, stuff of that nature.

Putting mounted LMGs on vehicles would be cool too, but where, is the question. Making it act as a barricade might have issues with clipping through any other freeform on the vehicle. Having it snap to a specific location might be too much work due to the amount of vehicles that might need these points.

ok i get a little of what you saying but first if the exploit it that bad and admin will spot them doing so and this has to be in one place so i place in one area so yea but if was makeshift for example like placing your gun on the sandbag and stuff then it move able and not in one place there a lot to go with this feature it very confusing but it ok