Weaponized Zombies

What if you could atract zombies in a cage out of a material they cant break with a pice of meat or someting like it , you could relese them in case of a raid or someting . the downside to this would be that if you are not maintaining the cages they could destroy your base. Maybe you could even armor them up .

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When we searched the police station we found some prisoners, now turned, still in their cells, and that gave us a great idea! Zombie cage fights! We put some food and weapons up for grabs for anyone brave enough to fight and win, the fights are so popular, even the bandits show up.

Tbh, I don’t know how I feel about this, I know we need more traps in II, but this suggestion might need some tweaking.

My idea might not be the best but not the worst either probably it needs tweaking.

This more like … minecraft.

What do you mean

It’s more like Minecraft mod.

I don’t really see a practical point for this that warrants an entire caging mechanic.


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If you think about it it is not such a good idea but it is not a minecraft mod either

Armed with white weapons realy to me dont make very sence but armed with biologic parts made to kill like a ghoul (Tokyo ghoul) or lips like tentacles with teeth… to me allright

I never said anyting about weapons dude

LOL Wrong topic

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XD it is ok , everyone makes misstakes

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