Welp gg activision


Ladies and Gentlemen of planet earth, you cant make this shit up, i present to you Activision, the greediest cooperation of all time


and yes i know this is a pointless and shitpost of a topic


The resolution on the image is so horrible I can’t tell what they are selling. Please explain.


sorry, its a screenshot (so i could put text on it)

Activision, Creators of blackout, decided “Why, not lets put a price on an open dot sight for a reflex scope for 1$”, when it should be free for everyone or at least cheaper so everyone could buy it.

Those greedy cooperate bastards




I only ever used the cod points they gave me on launch to buy richtofen for blackout
do not spend money on this game its just a microtransaction whore of a game and thats not gonna change probably ever.


Heres how i would do it,

Not buy anything but play the game instead
my brother owns it and its pretty fun