Were modules ever used for anything?

modules were said to have the capability of changing the game entirely, like adding new features, or transforming unturned into an entirely separate game in this guide.

but i haven’t seen any modules anywhere online, or discussed anywhere in general. was modules ever finished? was it transformed into what plugins are today, or am i just looking in the wrong places for them? it seems like a good idea, program new game mechanics with C#, only downside being no battleye. a decent trade-off for full modding support, yet i dont see anyone using them. what happened?

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The downsides of modules can make them very unappealing. E.g., their lack of security, their incompatibility with BattlEye, and the inability for them to be uploaded onto the Steam Workshop. These are huge trade-offs, when most modding is done to the benefit of multiplayer communities (either directly or indirectly).

Plugin frameworks (Rocket/LDM, OpenMod…) are modules. Although, these are allowed to coexist with BattlEye.

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