Wet and broken, items need fixing

I know Nelson said something about this and it’s probably been done.
I was watching some tv and one of the issues they had was wet bullets jamming the characters guns.
I think a good way to balance weapons and finding bullets in large amounts would be to have a lot of damaged or wet items in places.
Old bullets in crates would have a chance to be wet through, these bullets would need taking apart and putting back together once dry.
Sometimes bullets would spawn in piles insteed of in crates, these bullets are usually damaged because they were exposed, but some are good. Bullets can be made wet or damaged if gotten wet.
Some guns would have damaged components, these will need replacing or repairing otherwise the gun will jam constantly and be inaccurate.
Car engine parts can also be damaged and most cars will be broken down, you have to fix them to drive.

Other mechanical items can also be damaged, gps and radios and stuff may all need replacement parts. Another thing to note is difficulty will of course affect how damaged items are.

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