Wet Surfaces

In 3.x water wells appeared in all types of ground surfaces.

But as we all know, clay/soil don’t make water wells, at least not so many. There should be less, but bigger water wells in surfaces like soil and good streets, like the image below.

In bumpy roads, it should stay as 3.x is, with tiny, but many water wells. In sand, there shouldn’t be water wells, just a look of wet, like some reflect and increased bloom, just as the wet soil after the rain has stoped, something like that:


Nice details.Since 4.0 will be on UE4,Nelson can do all kinds of stuff with water effects.:droplet::droplet::droplet:


I think this would be great attention to detail and Nelson would be able to do this with the new engine. I did not enjoy how Unturned 3.0 did look like the whole world was flooding on max graphics whenever it rained.

but ofc there would be settings for this like in 3.0 right?

For sure, this is just a graphic setting

I’d like to myself wet in any situation

That’s why I like to keep rain puddles off, because from above it just looks like a weird camouflage pattern.

does this make you feel m o i s t

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