What about fingers for character?

Fingers and trigger for gun in Unturned 4.0 ?

I’m not that creative to imagine how it would look like in Unturned (I saw the picture). Maybe it would fit to the more detailed guns. But many people like the blocky model of Unturned. In Germany, we call it “Kult- Status” (translate it with google when you don’t know what it means)

nelson said he tried out fingers but didn’t like how they looked


@Whistleblower Maybe he will try out again and he will like it. If you saw the picture with the four new characters he made he wrote under the first one "horrible mutated "

Triggers are a thing already for 4.x, and fingers are not a thing.


i admis is easy animate a square person more in questions of esthetics realy this would stay very ugly.

Fingers will make the player model as ugly as those alternative SFM Minecraft models.

Never ever even think about trying to suggest it. It’s so ugly, why do you even want it. You needed other details to come along with it so the fingers doesn’t look out of place. But I’d rather keep the original Unturned style models just like since 1.0


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