What about switching stuff in Houses?

My idea would be that you can customized the houses color and switch windows,doors,garage doors with other things and even having the oppertunity to add for example a room to it or making a second floor for the house and even decide by yourself where the stairs to the second floor are gonna be.

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Just looking at this from a gameplay point of view, how would this work? :thinking:

Sounds like the Sims to me

It could probably work for something like RP
But Unturned already gives you the ability to build your own house/base

This sounds like a cool idea… I personally think that it doesn’t really fits for Unturned


Is this an editor or gameplay suggestion?

just make custom objects

It’s been confirmed

An editor suggestion.

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Yeah, you see that wont happen because i suck a** at making objects so.

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is that cursing?
on my christian forum?


It is a idea for the editor of Unturned 2 it would work like this for example there would be a blue circle at the window,door etc. and you could click that circle in the editor and then a list would pop out that would let you choose what you wanna have this house to be like and then every house wouldnt look the exact same in the game changing colors and adding a 2 floor with one click on just one circle would make maps have more more taste because every town or city having the exact same building just feels weird.

this would be a great idea for RP servers and groups, which i personally like myself so YES

Not too sure about this. It would require a very complex building system within the game which could be tedious to do with every building or asset created, all that for creating variations of the same building as the base.

Don’t think it’s worth the effort, probably the last thing to be added into the game. Though, why should it be added?

then learn how to get better and put in the time and effort.

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Put in the effort to figure it out, Its actually not as hard as you would think. Just because you and some other peeps dont want to learn how to model/cant model doesnt mean nelson should dump a bunch of time into a complex as hell building system. The system would probably just be looked at the same way we look at compound objects in 3 “Oh look this guy used the building editor instead of using a custom model, how lazy can you be?”


Guys he said in one of the dev blogs that you will be able to randomly fill in windows and doors, prehaps even furniture.

Yeah, but not the house itself. Pelks is asking for modular buildings. There a pain to make, look ugly, limit the people using them and are overall just a huge waste of time.

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