What are you expecting from 4.0

Just reply what you want or what you think it will be in 4.0

  1. I hope in larger maps and server capacity

  2. Better hitboxes sometimes you can get killed through a wall or when you move to fast behind tree it will penetrate the tree and you can respawn

  3. Recoil patterns

4.Better optimization

  1. Czech Map (xDD probadly never happen)

  2. also im very dissappointed if pineridge is real location and next maps will be still real or it is created from his head

  3. Attachments needs some adjust and (bassicaly just one set of attachments i need)

  4. Zombies smarter and be free in map and some zombie which will be rare and if the zombie scream let just call it “Bitch” Horde will come also ik smarter zombie but right now he is enough smart that he will find you you cant hide from him you can just run

  5. I hope too that whole server wont wanna kill us after we will dominate server with our clan xD (Just fun fact it is actually fun a lot but usually next day is our base raided (one day we was only 2 on server and the 22 other players was in second clan that was fun af xDD)

  6. I think that Nelson said that Gold accounts will no longer be in 4.0 that i actually like cos right now it is broken a lot of players is using it like a storages so they dont need bases so unraidable

  7. Night from what i remember it is sunset and in 2 seconds is totally night x(

  8. Better community when we was playing we sometimes had some slaves and after a while it was member of our clan so communication is very important

  9. Egoistic players idk why but i have so much luck on this type of players and as i call them cancer of testicles they usually think that theyre the best in the whole community and cant accept that we killed him like 10x and he one time someone from clan

  10. Crafting (i dont think that i have to say something more)

  11. Automatization.Problem is when you have big generator someone have to fill it up but someone fuck it so the base dont have turrets or when we made Whole St. Peterburg as our base safezone radiators and that mean end :frowning:
    And from trello it is that nelson want also add more type of electricity - Wind,Coal,Solar…

I typing it for 30 minutes and can get anything more but if i will get i will reedit xD
My english is terrible ik ok you dont have to reply

frankly? better gunplay. 3.0’s is alright, but it’s barebones, and has a number of issues (the trigger delay can get fucked). i’m at least expecting most of those issues to be resolved.


All I want from Unturned 4.0 is a working foundation with zombies, guns, building, items, inventory and just all the basics of unturned and expanded modding so you can really do anything with the game, because I then know that if I don’t like something, I can just change it.

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this dont make sence to a suggestion and
9 - 11 - 12 - 13

whistle change you commentary because the moderator!

…mods…don’t really…care…about swearing…that isn’t directed at people…

I mean, I know its already supposed to be like this but I’m hoping for some heavy survival and not just getting hungry, going into a town, looting, and then being good for the next hour or so and then going to look for more people to kill.

Also, smarter zombies and more advanced NPCs would be nice

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…That’s a lot of ellipses…

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…Oh…wow… pretty…spooky…

motherfucker i AM the ellipse

I just want well designed zombies that don’t feel so cheap-shotty.

better optimization and shotguns that are actually useful and feel good to use. and better sounds for guns. also i would say destructible environments but that’s a bit of a stretch.

a motherfucking JoJo reference

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