What aspect of survival is more important to you?

I was referring to damage rather than bullet drop and falloff and shit like that,

Even that is false.

There’s many factors that will impact damage as well, and you still have no proof that Nelson would just copy the damage values for every gun from 3.0.

Literally the first gun in 4.0, the Eaglefire, is already showing significant changes from it’s counterpart in 3.0, and isn’t even modelled after the same gun anymore. (AR-32 --> M4A1)

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tl;dr gets to be on the top because this is long.

tl;dr: The game hasn’t been developed far enough along for me to really tell you how gunplay or KoS or PvP will work out, but I’m personally really not concerned about it. PvP is a fun feature, plain and simple. People just want the game to be more than a shooter game sometimes I eat an entire lettuce plant.

People can play however they want to play as far as I’m concerned, and if people don’t want a game where survival mechanics (alongside gunplay technically) are fleshed out to be more “quality over quantity,” they can play Unturned 3 still! Some people try and make it sound like a bad thing if people would prefer playing Unturned 3 still, but it’s not! You do you, as version 3 will still get timed curated stuff and be available for free and all that, separate from 4.0.


Click me for text that responds to specific bits of your opinions and beliefs.

Yes. Gun still exist and will be important to the core mechanics of the game. :+1: (It’ll also be more skill-based and realistic, which one could argue adding more gunplay-related features and a higher skill ceiling would only further encourage reckless PvP, but yeah.)

Not sure what you mean by “stats” though. To clarify: #unturned-4 is a different game, not an update to Unturned 3.

PvP is not only viable based on whether or not guns exist in a game. That feels like a very shallow claim. Instead, I feel like PvP exists because:

  1. It’s easy in Unturned 3 with zero progression and instant end-game gear.
  2. There’s no downsides, because reputation is a useless system at the moment.
  3. It’s even easier to get loot faster if you just shoot someone for it.
  4. Teamwork isn’t encouraged enough, and a lot of servers even discourage groups and teaming.

But yes, PvP is something that will always exist. It’s not going to be removed, and that’s not the objective of 4.0. The objective is not to make PvP non-existent, it’s to have other content besides PvP. It’s also to make PvP less viable compared to teaming up to survive against worse things (like zombies).

Now, some people just prefer to kill players. That’s there play-style, and the game will allow for it. Playing like that might end up getting nerfed and heavily discouraged, or it might not! :man_shrugging:

KoS in a nutshell, really. One person does it as their preferred playing style, others do it because they genuinely can’t trust others. Some people try not to do it regardless. Sometimes people don’t do it because they feel there’s a mutual agreement to just ignore each other for a bit.

It’s all play style, although the last bit regarding “enjoyment” is not factual. It’s closer to an opinion, and implies that you have to a committed player to like KoS. People can have their own playing styles and beliefs regarding KoS. Most survival-oriented, PvE-oriented, RP-oriented, or veteran players generally seem to say that they dislike KoS.

That’s an easily poll-able topic though if we eliminate the option about “KoSing as a need.” We can just have it be “I prefer players KoS as it’s more fun” and “I don’t think players should be encouraged to KoS and it makes the game less fun.” It’s hard to tell based on forum posts though since people are very selectively vocal.

I still don’t know what this implies. If you’re asking/saying the guns will still kill people just as fast, I don’t see what led you to that belief. PvP is planned to balanced more “properly” than in version 3.

Now, whether everyone becomes bullet sponges or not is unknown, although unlikely. Some people would prefer guns kill in one shot regardless of the caliber.

Either way, Nelson has not specifically said that guns will be the same, or will one-shot-kill. I wouldn’t be too concerned(?) about that, if that’s what you mean. If you mean something else I’d appreciate if you went into more detail about that.

Some of the community. We could even say mostly just the Arena Mode players, I guess. But not all of the community by a long shot. The community is definitely very torn and split, which is evident by Nelson admitting in the past to the two very distinct “casual” and “hardcore” communities, and very evident whenever you join a community discord or forum.

Version 4 is more focused on pleasing the hardcore community, which is sometimes considered the “original” community. Version 3 did have a few updates tailored towards them, but 4.0 is planned to be darker and more specifically fulfill a lot of Nelson’s visions and the more “hardcore” player-base’s visions.


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