What do I do with this?

I got access to the Unturned II beta a bit before the invitation tickets were added, so I just recieved the ticket right now.

It kinda seems a shame to delete it, right? It’d be cool if there was like, something cool to do with it or something.

It sits there. it serves no clear purpose, but to remain there idly until it is deleted. removed from existence, forever. kinda like us


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What if it was like a badge you could wear


What if you could sell it

if you could give it to people i would just give it to someone honestly


I have one too :smile:

Maybe there might be some minor future vanity for having a spare pass (though I kinda doubt it since this just seems more like an oversight than anything), but regardless I’m honestly cool with just the novelty of having one as a neat souvenir of a soon-to-be bygone time.

This would also be a pretty interesting feature later in development IMO, and a potentially fun way to generate publicity of later stages of the beta.


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