What do I expect over the "Resources" and "bushes"


  • Trees spawn in corners with Dirt or grass never in the same place. - The fact of in 3.0 trees spawn in the same place every time when you destroy the tree give me hate.

Details: Trees can’t spawn in lethal radioactive zones, boulder or things like the genre.


  • Tree Age: Trees they will take time to grow and go advance with age one tree with more age give more wood and other resources in case of a fructive tree. (Trees with plus age are more highter)

  • Seeds
    certain trees go drop seeds its possible plant this seeds (Seeds die in 5min if don´t germine)

  • Germine factor, Turn impossible spawn or plant seeds in places close to another tree, or places with much shadow, Turn impossible tree advance your age if had a roof or thing like above.

  • For every tree downed one another go spawn in another place, in one place far. (Exception trees spawned by seeds)

  • Add many types of trees inclusive trees that give fruits like Citrus, Cherry, Apple, Guava and etc…

Resources Management

  • Turn every type of wood in just one material… Wood Pine go be called of wood, birch of wood, acacia of wood and go be stacking equally.

  • tree classes certains types of trees give more wood than another

Bushes and grasses

  • Equally the trees go be chances of spawn cereals in certain points like Corn, Wheat, Oats. in certain points one time than destroyed Spawn equally in another place, I wait far away.

  • Walk above grass go decrease your speed and turn impossible run per high bushes.

Types of grasses

  • High grasses - a type of grass of a player size, go decrease player speed speed significantly when walk about her.

  • Medium grasses - Same thing but more speed and lower size.


Walk or pass with a vehicle go create a high trace behind, this trace behind dont decrease your speed. and slowly respawn.


so basically different types of trees and bushes, as well as a way to farm trees? fine by me.

I think tree mechanics should stay as they are in Unturned 3.x


I really like you expect a system from a zombie survival game that’s literally more complex than FS19’s system.

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