What do you expect from devlog # 20?


This post made inspired by another one I did 2 months ago, basically commenting on what we hope to see in devlog with the intention of increasing hype and imagination for future suggestions.


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Inventory system


Maybe a early look at the Turned? Probably not though.


Im just hoping that we will get to see something interesting that Nelson has been working on, and maby something about the combat demo if the time is right

Be nice, would you?


We’ll probably see it when we get into the survival system devlogs along with the dangerous animals.

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damn bro i hope devlog 20 announnces new ammunition types so i can walk into a military tent and be greeted by a rainbow of ammunition boxes, none of which fit into my BC-478-2 british assault rifle from the 2150s which chambered in a modified 12.7mm round, developed in the 2090s, which is slightly longer and fatter which makes its trajectory less affected by the hot air rising from the fat shit on the ground left by a player a couple weeks ago


Wiimote support


Inventory & infos to the combat demo


I really want it to be the combat demo but im not expecting it


Literally nothing. I don’t have expectations.


for it to come out


this does a damn fine job summarizing my opinion on more complex ammo systems


I feel like we might get a look at the inventory system, as well as some new combat stuff :grin:


Why did you make A THIRD post about the same thing? Well anyway:

-A new model for the shotgun (as it was still the temporary one atm).
-The new sniper rifle which nelson has been working on, and i believe to be some type of m40.
-The return of the eaglefire and the glock.
-main menu


-new car
-server list
-combat demo


M40a1 is a good sniper


guns and guns and guns and then some more guns


Gameboy Crossplay


I want to see some more clothing and items aswell as the inventory and attachments system for things like torches.
I also hope we see that there will be many ammo types, so it encourages swapping guns a lot for one that has ammo. Not just getting a maplestrike and loading it with common bullets that just fit into an avenger aswell.