What do you guys think of Unturned II so far?

I haven’t had a chance to play it yet. I’ve been watching a lot of videos, devblogs, etc. It looks really cool.
What do you think of singleplayer vs multiplayer (now and in future)?


At the current state its nothing special,just a demo after all but everything has a beginning
and the future of UII looks promising.


I think it has potential but at the moment it feels like Nelson is rushing it out before his community loses interest. I honestly think he announced the game way to early. I want him to take his time with this one so we don’t have to make an Unturned III


For now, I haven’t had a chance to play yet, and I’ve seen few videos of him, but I believe the game has a great and promising future.

Pretty decent, but should’ve been delayed a bit more. Hopefully we’ll get an OPERATIONMAPLELEAF-esque beta with a small map and loot spawns soon.



It’s just potential for something bigger.

We’ll start talking when the full gameplay experience has happened.


There is barely anything to have an opinion about Unturned II, not to mention how is Nelson rushing anything if by now Unturned II has been developed for 2 years and all you got so far was a demonstration, not even a beta.

games take a while to make.

He is rushing it out, as people demand a devlog a week and hes straining to do that while also having interesting content in them.

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How is he rushing it out if only demonstrations of the game are out, not even a beta or alpha. And devlogs are out each month, as usual and how it was in the beggining

You do realise there is a process called coding and animation? that takes a LONG time to do.

You want to know why its taken so long to get to where we are now? because nelson strained himself trying to get everything done and burned himself out.

He then decided to rework everything.

Oh by the way, he still is rushing to get everything done. People ask for a devlog a week, and he tries. But he cant and so it turns to a devlog every couple of weeks.

Now please stop acting like what nelson does isnt hard, and if you think tis easy, go make the damn game yourself.

Oh by the way, it takes several years for a 20+ crew of people to code and animate a large game like gta.

Now imagine what nelson has to do. He has to code and animate a large open world game which has modding support for just about anything, as well as make Ai that can traverse the entire world pretty easily, as WELL as have complicated vehicle and gun mechanics and a whole bucn of other things.

Dont try to downplay what he has done so far


You are making things up. When have I claimed this was easy? When have I said this doesnt take a long time? Those are just lies.

You are saying that nelson is rushing the game meaning sacrificing quality for speed, if that were the case, the game would aready be out in early acess or some sort of open beta.

He makes devlogs every month like he did from the begging, and those are just updates in development, you cannot rush out devlogs… that would just mean they are poorly written.

Again you are making stuff up and saying things I never made claims about, comparing GTA V to Unturned II is ridicilous, and saying its a “20+” crew is correct but misleading.

Nelson has to create Unturned II, when did I downplay anything? If anything you are doing so saying this game is rushed and complaining.

Can you guys please settle down. Let’s not get a fuss over Nelson’s pace in his dev work.

If you see an angry canadian then we’ll know when he’s rushing. He’s doing it as steadily as day 1


I was gonna go on a large rant and had a huge thing typed out, but I decided it would be better to listen to yarrr.

The reason I compared UII to Gta is that they will have some similarities once UII is finished.

So yeah.

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I would say it has definitely been over-hyped. It isn’t completely clear to most people what stage of development the game is actually in, or when it will be released. I feel as though it is headed in a good direction tho!

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I really dont like the attachment (and inventory) GUI, it feels very clunky and hard to use. It flies all over the place when you inspect your weapon to put attachment on or reload. so fourth.

Storage feel pretty clunky too. Maybe this part of the devtesting isn’t for making the experience smooth, rather testing out new content, which is cool, but still clunky and really annoying to play.


Based on the videos I’ve watched I can definitely agree. They seriously need to edit the GUI as well as the way weapon modifications and attachments work, because right now it is ridiculous.

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So far, I think that the game has a great potential. And I think that it’s on the perfect path of this potential not being wasted, considering the fact that Nelson is working alone and the quality and the pace that’s put into the game.

It’s slowly but surely all coming together nicely.

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