What do you think about my skin?


I started working on my first gun skin and I am looking for what people say and think about it so I can Improve it, I choose a darker theme symbolizing the Untunred Hardcore PvP comunity , The gun handle Is not finished.
and this is my v1 preview.

Here are the screenshots


noice brutha, very noice


Sorry, but I don’t really think it fits the aesthetic style of Unturned. At all.

The skin overall seems inconsistent and a bit bland, too. None of the elements (the design, the text/marks, the color choice even) fit with each other.


If brown color is meant to represent wood here, it definitely doesn’t go well with that stock (which is based on standard telescopic AR stock). If you’d want wooden furnitures it would probably need to look something like this
which would require custom mesh (although cough one skin cough already did exactly that with custom mesh).

Pretty sure blood is a big no-no for skins, but it’s worth adding that it looks super basic here (basically just straight lines which looks awfully off-putting).

The text on the gun itself is also quite horrid, next to scratched marks and whatnot it sits in a straight line in nearly pristine condition. ‘K.O.S’ on barrel is a weird choice too.

Also whole thing is shiny, even wood, add a metallic map for that thing immediately.

You could try to turn that skin idea around and replace blood with just darker colors of whatever they are on and try to make it look well-worn. I feel like it would be best to opt out of text on the barrel, replace text on the receiver with hand-written one and make scratch marks less straight (as if they are done with crude tool) and leave them only on one side (maybe text on one side and marks on the other).


its beautiful :heart_eyes:


butifull* hehe


Well I guess I go back to work and follow your advice guys.


just a good tip, Dont use text, just dont. text is very advanced when it comes to game skins, You either have to have loads of experience or just know how to make it look nice naturally. I am gonna be 100% honest with you, Concept is fine but that text is just plain ugly and annoying to look at. Saying stuff like “my only friend” and “KOS” is just edgy for the sake of edge. Just remove the text unless you can make it look nice.

Keep us updated mate, I’d like to see it come out nice.


What if you just put a bunch of meme text?


It doesn’t fit the style of Unturned, imo. Looks too shiny and way too complicated.


Looks good. I like the kos at the end.


i like the details, very cool.
but i’d have to agree with GHJ on this one, the skin is a bit to bland for my liking. Maybe add some more details or cool colors.