What do YOU want to see in a server?


Please fill out this small Unturned-server survey so we can collect data on what kind of server you personally desire! https://goo.gl/forms/xTOwU1rHEtk9KDbu1

I’ll compile the results together according to the borda count system at the end. :sunglasses:

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Interesting poll, I like it. I’m currently completing it. Would we be able to see the raw data as well so we can also see trends ourselves, once the forms are done?


Completed. It’ll be interesting to see the results.


Sure, I suppose.


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Make sure to anonify it first!

oh and wheres athens, bunker, and canyon, IMO those are the only good arena maps this game has ever gotten besides paintball, if they were added here’s what my list would look like.1: Athens, 2: Bunker, 3: Canyon, 4: Paintball

Barley play on servers anyways, so I would personally just run one as a testing server for modding.


I’ll publish a spreadsheet with all private info wiped! :smiley:

I specifically did not include maps that are not permanent additions to the game. Hence why no Germany, Hawaii, Greece, Cyprus, or Canyon Arena


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Germany IS permanent tho… It’s a map made by Nelson? And strangely, I don’t recall seeing that canyon arena is timed. Maybe my memory is faulty.

France is permanent as well BTW.


(insert Germany joke here)


I’ve actually found a bit of a typo, so if you go to the question about our favorite arena maps I couldn’t find the option for Athens Arena™ by Danaby2, so yeah… if you could change it so I could actually vote that would be :ok_hand: :ok_hand::ok_hand: (thanks rainy boi)


Tbh id love to be a Co-Owner / Admin of a server, I have a lot of good ideas about some things.
Its getting really old seeing nothing but abusive (STRICT) RP servers and 10x loot.
I want to see a server with a legacy not a hunk of monopolized horribly moderated garbage


If your at all interested I just need to know your steam name or discord id


(Inserts 25c)


A devblog claimed that the maps would be removed (however their content kept) in the game.

shit. I genuinely forgot that one… somehow… :white_flag:

I guess my shit excuse is that I only included the classics that have long-been with the game, compared to maps that are very recent.

Why not create your own server? We could work together owo

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I’m going to be frank with you Rain, I have never come out of any post or comment of yours with a positive feeling. Today you made me realize how much I would love a medieval rp with a custom map and dragons and shit. If you decide to go this route I would love to help make the map.


It was referring to Greece, Hawaii, and a few others


It did include Germany though.


No, it didnt


“Most likely Hawaii, Greece, Cyprus and Germany will be moved to the workshop to increase space for future curated maps.” via Not a Devlog


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm okau


can we get a f in the chat for rio