What happened to the Nevada Curated Project?

Like a year ago there was Nevada curated projects with a trello. Almost all of the weapons for the map were finished there were objects and lot of stuff on the trello. Now the project has been silent for a while and the trello is private. Does anybody have any ideas what happened ?

Nevada was never curated to begin with and was scrapped a long time ago in favor of doing other things, such as Project Fallout.


The House always wins


That thing died a long time ago, due to the team getting into a fight iirc.

Now Bungo(the creator) is making a cool new project and helps people with stuff. He is indeed a good sir.

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Nevada is still alive - but on my desktop. I’m not even kidding.


We literally have all of the Nevada assets for Utah.

Further proof, just in case you dont believe me:


Holy Moly. You really worked on the project, Is utah going to be a more of a curated map or just on the workshop ?

We’re aiming for curation, but if not, it’s going to workshop.

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