What I Want Looting Like

In Unturned 3
In unturned 3 looting is easy, walking into any old shop and taking what you want without any zombie noticing a thing… you could stand in front of one without it noticing you.

Unturned 4
You stand at the end of a strip mall with the shops built next to each other, forming a wall like boundary so you cannot enter from every angle, wandering zombies can spot you from halfway down the street and stumble to you if you duck into an alley (once every few buildings instead of everyone) it will walk to your last known location. You loot garbage clothes next to a shop, the front door should be locked and if you want to get in you have to try breaking the windows or finding another door. In the store it’s darker and dead quiet loot can be found in boxes and on shelves it fits in more with its environment as well (ie canned beef will spawn around canned beef)in the store, moving around can bump rubbish on the ground making noise.

Basically the buildings shouldn’t be an easy access and the zombies not some deaf blind sticks. Looting an area should take several runs and there should be disadvantages to taking everything all at once like heavy packs to make noise and slow you down and you cannot run as fast while wearing a back pack.

This is my first post so be nice.

Basically everything you’ve said has already been suggested.

Also, newsflash on reality, nobody has to be nice to you just because you asked them to, but in any case most people on this Forum will.

Oh, and welcome to the official Forums, by the way.


Thanks for telling me, i did a little check to make sure my post wast a direct copy, ill keep in mind for my next one.

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Way to go.

Most things you suggest at this point have already been suggested 1000 times due to how long the forums have been around for.

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basically all of those things are already suggested. also a little tip, it’s best to thoroughly look through the trello and devlogs before posting any suggestions for Unturned II.

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