What if... and


I’m high on blood crack again I was think about this for days now. It’s somewhat related to what I’ve experienced nowdays. Midlife crisis. You know. Tragedies. Deaths. Puberty 2.0, All that stuffs.

But that’s not the point. What I’m trying to say is… What if Unturned reached to the point where it can be considered as a dead game. And what will you guys do afterwards.

I know. I know, Unturned isn’t dying. It’s actually gaining somewhat of a momentum because of the 4.0 hype. But in the future. Maybe decades from now on, eventually. This game will die (Along with most of the things). As in… it’s just be on services for long enough to the point where most of people no longer like it for what it is. (And that this forum will dies out. I know that it is unlikely for the forum and the community to completely dies out just because their game is considered dead, but just imagine that it did.) What will you guys do after that.

And perhaps… you guys might know how to keeps the game entertaining, enjoyable and… ongoing without screwing up the game and what it’s stands for as a cost of doing so. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just… a solution that lasts for sometime.


What will you guys do after Unturned?

Any thoughts?

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Dig a hole and burry it.
Or maybe a viking funeral with fire and half naked people dancing around idk, haven’t decided yet.


By the time unturned dies nelson would have probably made a lot of othre games and maybe they will have “ancient” references about unturned that only we will understand


Being a long-time veteran of this game myself it’s pretty hard to let it go. Well not like I was a very dedicated player, I’m more into singleplayer and being a community person.

If the dev ceases game development (The only time I would leave), it’s most likely I’ll be a lurker of other multiplayer-included games such Team Fortress 2 (That old game might die at some point though). I would play singleplayer games and focus on life more, do personal projects and other minor stuff.

Maybe I’ll find an early development game, though as I reached adulthood it’s difficult to become a loyal follower of one (19 years old this year). Being a younger person makes it easier stick to something, as you don’t have life-related goals to care about first. Pretty much I’ll be like anyone else in a game’s community; mostly unnoticed and simply getting along with chosen game.

We all move on at certain times, even if it’s your favourite game or you made a name for yourself in some way


Yeah it is sad that being an adult makes it harder but im 15 and when i will be an adult i will try to join the special forces which are sent to afganistan and i’ve seen that they get a pc and a room each in afganistan and i would just play unturned from it and then terrorists come and i am like brb guys gotta kill this terrorist

The bomb has been planted

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(This post depressed me)

I don’t think this game will die easily.And have you ever thought about:

(Dramatic music plays)


For some reasons I forgot the “n’t”. Fixed.

Anyhow. I didn’t say that it will now.


Basically what Yarr said, just move on and remember all the joy the game brought you.

Then move onto other games, but still follow Nelson if he is making anything else.


Once I call it dead, I’ll begin making games and stuff. I’ll likely still look at Unturned from time to time to see how it’s doing.

Then I’ll get married, and probably work as a pizzaiolo or whatever y’all call it. Pizza time is fun.

Ill probably be a 3d artist for games, and then the same cycle of life repeats from there.

Im pretty sure tf2 still has another 20 years to go. Valve did well at making it enjoyable for a long time.

I have to take a forced hiatus from gaming for the next 8-10 years to focus on university starting this September.

The reality I have yet to accept is that I likely won’t even be around to really enjoy Unturned II like I enjoyed 3.0. That’s part of the reason why I try to contribute so much to it’s development - I want to make a meaningful contribution so that others can eventually enjoy it for years to come.


Im in the same boat as GHJ. I just have less and less time on my hands due to college and other real life requirement and its pretty sad knowing that I wont enjoy Unturned 2 at its “peak” like I enjoyed other 3.0 and other games.

We lost 10,000 players between January and now.

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@GreatHeroJ that is actually really sentimental. you truly are canadian

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You’re looking at peak players, not average. Average has been about the same, tbh, and is pretty consistent with previous years and trends of the survival genre as a whole.

We’ve actually had an increase in players here lately, due to Carpat.

I’m gonna just say “This is so sad Alexa play Unturned theme.”

ok nerd :rage: :rage: get that math poo poo cr*p out of here :rage:

My life doesn’t like revolve around Unturned or anything. If it goes down, I’ll just keep moving forward with my life.

Personally I have not played unturned or any games for that matter for months, as now I have a 55+ H a week job, I’m a community man at this point.

Admittedly, one with 2100 hours I belive under his belt.

Today I’m more or less trying to stop myself from procrastination to escape my dead end hell job, mean I’m glad I have a job, but needless to say it makes me hate myself.

Personally I’m (and my family) is venturing into entrepreneurship, from LLC formed, building sites, buying courses, learning, protecting my behind from being sued and taxes and all that good stuff.

I’m praying I’ll work out, if it melts down, I’ll be still in the clear to retry. Man, if I could get back 20 more hours a week eventually, doing something I actually somewhat like at least not dealing with explicit people daily, and all that braggy stuff I whould be so happy and releaved.

On another note, I’ll always remember unturned, played since my pre-teen years, it will always have a special place in my heart.

I’ll think back upon all my wonderful memories…

from causing events that caused over 200 player deaths in one hour, which was the best shizzlefest I’ve ever seen, getting a 50+ killstreak in a server with light evidence, getting kidnapped and tortured, and much more.

I truly appreciate Nelsons work, and I can honestly say this game made my life a lighter and happier place.