What if there was an Unturned creepypasta?

If there is a creepypasta of this game, Unturned or Unturned II, I don’t know what to say. If the pasta is a good read, could care less. If it is a sh*tpasta, oh well, that’s expected. If there is a pasta, good or bad, is it alright if someone posts the link to it here? PLEASE, no fake links. (Ex: Link leads to random website, off-topic YouTube video, or ahem MASSIVE quotes “gentleman’s interests.”

Aside from the obvious Anomaly ones, the rest are just Admin stories.


The admin one is… eh
i wonder if there’s more like that

A reminder that all creepypastas are hoaxes.

The admin story is mostly explainable, with the exception of how the person found their real names. My best guess is that the server owner knew them IRL.

For the most part though Anomaly is the obvious creepypasta, and although it’s shrouded in mystery, it was likely an LOD or fabricated entirely.

Creepypastas in general seem more like someone trying to turn me into a conspiracy theorist than an actual spooky story.

Creepypastas are just internet horror stories meant to frighten people, not the same as people just telling true stories (some admins are sucky) or facts (Anomaly technically temporarily existing but only as flashing eyes).

My question is if a “reasonable” creepypasta is better than one that goes all-out bizarre?


an enclosure “made out of metal sheets”

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