What in the files determines if a weapon can destroy structures?

Title. yeah. idk. not sure,

Invulnerable is what does it. Just place that wherever in your weapon’s .dat and you should be good.

Ah, for a second I was wondering if “caliber” does it. What the heck does caliber do, then?

Caliber doesn’t work like an actual caliber, it is just an ID used to determine what attachments (including magazines) are compatible with a gun.

For example, the Eaglefire has a Caliber ID of 1, which is used by the Military Magazine.
The Military Barrel has multiple calibers specified, meaning that it can be used on any gun which uses one of its calibers. Attachments that do not specify a caliber can be used on any gun (not sure if this applies to magazines too).

Look at the Augewehr files and that should show how multi-caliber works.

turns out searching for invulnerable is useless because its also assigned to barricades/structures

will have to go through each mod and select the gun folders I guess

You could do some really basic regex in Notepad++ to find the files.

  1. Use Find in Files.
  2. Search for ((Type Gun).*Invulnerable)|(Invulnerable.*(Type Gun)).
  3. Search in the relevant directory.
  4. Enable regular expression search mode.
  5. Enable . matches newline.
  6. Search, and review the results at the bottom of your screen.

If you were using Linux, you could just use a grep -E command from command-line and then search for the same thing as per above.

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