What is this fcking shit?

It was early night (no full moon !), playing on normal, going to seattle and i saw zombies looking like monkeys, police"man" had big strange veins as you can see on ss:

(sorry if you don’t see them clearly but i was too scared to come closer)


They’re part of the current event between Dying Light and Unturned.


Are they more powerful during night or it’s only skin?

They’re just like normal zombies, but do be warned they have new sounds.


Ok i understand now, thank u both so much <3

They seem to be quite faster than your average zombie, so do be careful out there!

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It looks like it’s the random chimp event the RPC Wiki was talking about. Oh fuck, why didn’t I listen.

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Why lord Nelson why

Ah yes the collab between Dying Light and Unturned.

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