What kind of maps will be in 4.0?


In my opinion the maps in the original unturned maps are alright, but there are some tweaks that could have been made (nelson pls don’t fix keep working on U4).

I feel as if we don’t need anymore ‘small/medium’ sized maps such as PEI which was tiny. Something like the size of Russia or maybe a bit smaller or in some circumstances larger would be nice to see. With this larger map there would obviously be a higher maximum players. Something like 35-50 instead of the normal 24. In addition, a snowy map (like Yukon) or a desert map would be cool to see in 4.0.

Also, just as a bit of a question, what do you guys think the size of Pineridge will be?

I’m keen to see what you guys think :wink:


Pineridge will probably be one town (of realistic size) and maybe some cabins in the woods, and a road. It will probably be a smallish map.


Pineridge will be more than likely be a “small” or “tiny” map (whatever that may mean within the context of Unturned II), since it seems like it’s going to be similar to 3.0’s devtest in that it’s designed for the beta so that people can test out the mechanics of the game. However it’s completely possible that Nelson may surprise us and actually make it more official in the sense that it is much bigger than just a simple test map.

As for general map sizes, I want to see just generally larger maps. Not necessarily have higher player caps at the same scaling as the map size, but definitely increase if the map is really big in comparison to the current “large” maps. Definitely not sizes like 50 players if the maps are only a little bit bigger, but enough to make it feel somewhat empty, yet still mildly uncomfortable that another player could be nearby.


I would like to see really big maps 3 times the size of russia and bigger, of course smaller maps aswell but im hoping for some really large maps


Due to how Unturned II’s code will be vastly more optimized (as Nelson is, of course, building it from the bottom up) I’d expect maps to generally be considerably larger and more detailed than in Unturned.

Pineridge in particular I don’t expect to really be that big, though. It is after all the test map.


Pineridge should be a larger map than the original devtest map, where you could find locations with lesser loot outside the town of Pineridge so that everybody doesn’t rush into the town and get slaughtered by those who had already begun looting, because there are only so few locations to loot.

To compensate for this issue if it is to be seen as an issue is to largely increase the borders while adding loot locations which aren’t as great as the town of Pineridge although sustainable, some being greater than others, while Pineridge itself having a greater risk but greater reward to those who choose to loot it.


I mean afaik a food system isnt even implemented yet, so I dont think there would be alot to loot outside of guns ammo and attachments.


Pineridge is a test map.

As such, balance comes second to stability, and the testing of all available game mechanics within the map itself. Proper balance will follow in later maps.


I expect larger maps since generally they are better for survival but there will most likely be smaller maps, but I doubt any map will be PEI sized. Maybe washington.


Pei and Washington are the same size.


Really? Thanks for correcting me. I must have made a mistake then since washington has more land coverage then PEI.


PEI is an island map with 50% water, Washington is not.

Of course PEI would have less land area than Washington. (but even then, they feel roughly the same size when you’re playing them)


as long as the player cap is raised and people learn how to properly make large maps, I don’t care what size the maps are. Workshop is gonna go nuts if we get massive maps.