What should mining be like in Unturned II?

In unturned II, practically the only function of mining and collecting metal, yes it is something useful but I think there should be a few more resources, that’s fine that mining is not the focus of a zombie survival game, but if it is present I think of some resources, vehicles for carrying stones, sand, earth, coal for fires or for cooking, oil and fuels ?, plumbing system and processes for creating gasoline, etc.

I know of a few games like Haven & Hearth and i think Runescape that have it where you find cave entrances and/or build mineholes to enter a separate underground world where you can mine in tile-form. Always thought it was a nice solution to allow actual tunneling and excavating in a non-voxel game.

I think it’d be really cool to have the ability to mine for iron/copper/tin/coal and make iron, bronze and steel. It would allow for separate maps and servers with little to no cities or item spawns forcing players to build and craft their own weapons and armor from scratch.


I personaly think it shoukd be like ark or rust. Fabrication tables woukd be nice.

Mineman time

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I’m literally going to raid nelson’s house if unturned II doesn’t have realistic mineral formation simulation


highly realistic immersive industrial scale quarry mining or it will be literally unplayable

this thread in a nutshell

Jokes aside, I’d like to see a small variety of common stone/earth types (clay pottery, anyone?), and maybe basic ores and ore processing, but definitely not anything over the top (like mining for precious minerals or industrial quantities of metal). It’s a survival game, but not that kind of survival game - you are an average joe survivor after all, not someone who’s going to be crafting an enchanted Diamond Maplestrike to kill the Turned equivalent of the Ender Dragon.

As for coding actual destructible terrain, it’s a topic that has been visited many times in the past and generally has been met with controversy, due to concerns over how easily exploited it would be for griefing or PvP abuse, and how difficult it would be to code and optimize.


You have my attention.

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