What the airdrop should contain in Unturned II

The current airdrop only contains weapons because the UN would only send guns to survivors - my idea is.
Airdrops should contain medicines, medical kits, food, knives, knapsacks, knives and pistols.

Basically the same thing


I mean to be fair, if turned are actually the main baddies and there isnt also a opposing human force to the government, they probably would include guns.

For the actual idea, I think airdrop loot should be determined by where they drop, with military stuff only dropping in really big cities, or far north/near high loot areas like military camps, and then smaller survival drops happening fairly frequently. If radios were also in the game as items it would be neat for some way to announce the drops to make them riskier.

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In that post I suggested something that would come in the airdrop and here I suggest your should come in the airdrop.

Tell me if i’m misinterpreting this.
Cause here it sounds like i should go in the airdrop.

consider this “come” as the “contains” will not make the mistake again.

dude im still confused im sorry. Your Reply States “Here i suggest your should” the hell does that mean

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