What will 4.0's artstyle be like?

Will it be like the jump from 2.0 to 3.0 (AKA slightly more faces on everything like the lighthouse), Or will it stay virtually the same with a few changes? Something I want to see is the character models changing so that they…
a) Allow for more customization.
b) Don’t morph and look weird with clothing.

Another thing I would like to see is different locations in maps, because most of official maps are in North America or Europe, there are tonnes of other locations to choose from, say, Australia, that area could be really hard for the player because of the nature, and the zombies would add to that frustration too.


In the past the potential art style has been compared to Firewatch and The Witness.

Vehicles would likely be closer to the newer designs we see on some of Germany’s vehicles, and on some of Russia’s more unique vehicles. Nelson has said that he liked the rear and front bumper stuff, and I’m sure if vehicles were to be redone windshields and such would be visible.

Character models are very unlikely to change much. At most, they will be slimmer/sleeker. Character customization has been mentioned in the past as a possibility, iirc.

I’d link specific images of the two games’ art styles, but they’re both really beautiful and it’s hard to just choose one or two to show as an example.


A mix of both could be nice, but if one day Unturned could have a similar style as Firewatch I wouldn’t stop playing, it’s beautiful.

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As has been said before, the new art style is going to look like Firewatch and The Witness. In my opinion, the problem is with these artstyles is that they would take away the blocky charm of unturned, complicate development since modelling takes longer, and would make the game look more like just another generic zombie survival game trying to cash in on the trend.

An artstyle similar to Firewatch would be awesome, I would really like to see that incorporated into Unturned

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Firewatch and The Witness are still pretty low-poly. Unturned isn’t “blocky” charm, it’s the low-poly (and flatter texture) charm. The Witness does it really well, without overly complex textures.

I don’t think it’s about a substantial difference in polygons, but really how stuff is being designed. The Witness looks really nice because of how the lighting interacts with objects, creating a more natural feeling for the boulders and trees with more concave or jutting parts.

It’s ambiance as a whole that’s important, which leads into hopefully beautiful soundscapes and sharp audio clips for actions. Clean animations. Nice effects for lakes, waterfalls, and rain, and a honed-on mood for it all.

Currently, there are mixed reviews for the ambiance of Unturned 3. Mostly, this is about how it doesn’t feel dreary enough to people, especially with the (albeit curated) Hawaii map. It more-or-less pretty closely follows the art style of Unturned overall, but it loses its charm to people because there is less blending of the ambiance as a whole. That in itself is an entirely different issue/concept to think about. (Ambiance as a bigger priority?)

(Although Hawaii has other reasons as to why some people don’t like the map, this is one of the more notable ones people read about.)

tldr: lots of words to kinda explain my thoughts on 2/3’s of the second sentence and then this for the last 1/3 not actually covered above: I haven’t seen a zombie game in the art style of The Witness or Firewatch, and now I really want to. :frowning: Most games go for that higher-poly “realistic” style.

Also take this image. It highlights a lot of that relatively well, but ofc an “updated” Unturned art style would not be 1:1 to either game. I’d imagine it’d be a bit lower-poly than this still, especially so on some of the smaller angles on the rocks. But those rocks also look far nicer imo with some of the additional crevices and distinct separations.

Kinda hard to imagine it “dreary” though. Two very different games, so it’d be two very different takes on this style.



Ah, I see now. Thanks for the explanation.

I’d like a big change from 3.0 personally maybe the same but with slot more detail like modded weapons on the workshop do

plz not that detailed

Especially not the triggers. x.x The triggers are awful.


Unturned’s weapons have never had triggers, and I don’t think they should ever have them, they usually clash with all the art styles we have established so far.

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I think the main issue with the art is going to be, well, that Nelsons working alone. He’s great at making the game and all, but isn’t awfully artistic so far imo. I suppose he could learn, though that would take time. Perhaps he should hire or work with an artist? I just get the feeling that something like the witness (the art style I’m hoping for, though firewatch looks pretty too) can only really be designed by a professional to fully have that beautiful atmosphere. I read a few blog posts about the witness’s art a while ago, and it truly looked like months/years of a team of professionals time went into it; Not something I can imagine our one-man team at smartly dressed games doing alongside all the code.

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