What will happend with Unturned 3.0 story?

Does the unturned story 3.0 will be reproduced, changed, or slightly modified.What would you expect will happend??

  • Reproduced
  • Slightly modified
  • Modified

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Fucking what?

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Oh look, a useless poll. Can we get a translator here?

What will happen to Unturned 3.0 story?

Will the unturned 3.0’s story be the same, different or slightly modified. What do you think will happen?

kind of FTFY

I think they are asking if anything will be retconned???

I mean it’s still the same game, just essentially a facelift on a new platform, so it’s extremely unlikely story will change.

That’s the thing, it won’t be the same game :wink:


Nelson has said multiple times that he has a lot of cool story ideas he’d like to implement into 4.x. This, alongside the fact that a lot of the storyline for Unturned 3 is a bit too loose in connectivity and its continuity is pretty much just the bare minimum, implies that the 4.x storyline will be different than Unturned 3 (although some organizations may likely stay the same or be re-referenced (ie: Big J, due to that being an easter egg)).

The storyline will be better, of course, and likely more expansive and interactive (if we’re under that assumption of the whole “strictly-PvE game features” faze still especially). It may reference or allude to Unturned 3’s lore, or revamp the U3 lore entirely, but there’s going to definitely be more than “slight modifications.”


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