What would you say is a minimum 'playable' FPS for you?

  • 60+
  • 50
  • 40
  • 30
  • 20
  • 10

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Personally I find myself playing Unturned at around 25 FPS, it’s a nice medium between performance and graphics.

10 fps was on my old pc tho xd


I originally played Minecraft with 12 fps and that felt incredibly smooth to me. Personally, nowadays I play games with 60+ fps.


i used to play 30 all the time but then i bought myself a supercomputer and now 30 feels like, meh

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I played Unturned and CSGO at 20fps and it felt a bit choppy
I hated it

… I will steal your computer…


25+ FPS feels the same as 30 FPS for me, and really 30 FPS is just fine for games because 60 fps is just eye candy, its welcomed but not needed in my opinion.

how the hell is 30 playable? that is as low as consoles

30 FPS is the true answer.

A potato’s main goal


Currently i run with 100 fps, but 30 fps (which I used to have until I upgraded my pc) is easily playable

Believe or not, 10 FPS for me is playable. It might not be once cryptocunts stop mining and give gamers their GPU’s back. Until then, I’ll happily die repeatedly on 10 FPS.

somehow for me 10 to 15 fps is still showing as smooth

The problem with 10fps is the freezing whenever someone starts shooting.

I wouldn’t still call it “10 FPS” if you’re going below 10 when people shoot.

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I love how many people voted for 30%. There’s something really telling about that.

Spoiled brats? XD

I like how 60+ FPS is the 3rd top vote

Hah, back in my day, you couldn’t go above 20 FPS, and you had to wind up the disk by hand.

In the snow. Both ways. /s

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I have played through practiaclly all of The Divisions content with like 20 FPs so a 40-50 FPS Unturned PvP match should not be too much of a problem.

For me I gotta say 20 is the lowest I’d be willing to play, but I’d prefer 30 anyday