What you guys think about this?


the “all new content like was done with Ireland should be made by the community” part, community updating might be good and possible.

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i pretty much agree cos when unturned II will came out 3.0 will die but he should still work on fixes and tweaks to not abandon the game


Different solution: Nelson needs to hire some people (if he hasn’t already) and make a bigger team. Or, as mentioned in other posts, he could make Unturned open source; either of these options takes the load off of him while community or team developers maintain Unturned I, or Unturned II.


I think they should remain like this with updates taking longer if it would make whoever wrote the original feel better. Unturned 3.0 still needs development and I think letting the community do it themselves is a waste of everything Nelson’s built so far.


I agree with you on that “original feel” part, but if you’ve ever worked with GitHub (presumably what Nelson would use for open source contributions) the owner of the repository can accept pull requests and what not; so essentially, he could accept what gets changed.

Oh It’s not me, I ripped the post from reddit.

He already focuses “almost exclusively” on Unturned II. Most of the updates to Unturned 3 are community updates, and small tweaks by Nelson that take a very short amount of time to put out.

I feel like a lot of people make posts like that, but I don’t know why they do. There really hasn’t been any update to Unturned 3 to make people think that way, and he’s already said that he’s focusing primarily on Unturned II?


I agree 100% with this, I stopped playing 3.0 a long time ago and I am very much looking forward for Unturned ||
He could still update with a couple bugfixes etc but the rest should be up to big modder groups.


Haha that’s my post :slight_smile:


I didnt read it, because I instantly disagree.

mainly because 3.x is broken and it will need “maintenance” to keep it playable, so I dont think the development of 3.x should stop, but if the focus changes a lot to favour 4.x then im all for it

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What nobody’s pointing out is the reason behind why Nelson is continuing work on 3.x. What he wants is people who want High-Octane PvP to play 3.x and people who want a more challenging Survival experience to play Unturned II.

The problem is that everybody wants to play Unturned II, and when it drops, plugins will be made for kits, TPA, etc.

I reckon Nelson should leave 3.x, make 3.x open-source, and put all his effort into 4.x.


I can’t agree.
I haven’t tried Unturned 4, so I don’t know yet if I will like it.

4 isn’t out yet so none of us know.

I like him updating both 3.0 and 4.0, but i can understand if others only want him to work on 4.0.

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