What'd everyone do or get for christmas?


This christmas I destroyed an old motherboard for pure fun

What about you? This year or any year :heart:


What is Christmas?


I havent gotten anything



keep me updated >:3


I shall my boy


got some pretty cool stuff

a desk
a new keyboard
a chair
a mouse pad
and a mouse

Keyboard and Mouse are from razer fyi



  • new keyboard and mouse

  • AMD FX Processor (black edition?) (FX 6300?)

  • multitool

  • 95 dollars.

  • some speakers

  • screwdriver

  • Car and home charger.

  • epic gloves

  • flashlight

  • probably some more things


i’m pretty much moving lel




I had the depressing realization that for Christmas instead of opening presents I’m opening pay stub envelopes. Can we get an F for my holiday spirit

In other news, I turn 18 in 3 days.


I’ll send a picture in a short while.


extra RAM and a how-to-draw book from Araki.

I also got money so I can get a Nintendo Switch soon


ya same

you’ll beat my ass
I promise you, i’ll be thrown into the next dimension




Logan bought an AMD FX because he thought “omg high clockrate gud!!!1!”

one year later and here we are today, he incredibly regrets his purchase and got a Ryzen 5 1600 like me.


It’s better than my old one : )

Edit: a part of my phone case just broke off t_t


Part two of my Christmas stuffu

  • headphones that block out noises. For use while I split firewood.

  • one of those 3d pens.

  • socks.

  • a jacket which is also a coat???

  • magnetic puddy stuff.

  • and a few more.

Note: my parents are divorced, so that’s why you are seeing a part 2


How did you leave all that space?:confused:


OOF, I feel you. Except mine aren’t divorced. :man_shrugging:


sorry I can’t stop laughing.

posted this in our tech chat and someone had this to say



Bruh, I had a rather old processor before, I’m happy to get one that’s better than my old one, which can’t run YouTube and unturned at the same time.

You guys have computers built for server hosting, but I don’t. So I don’t really see what the problem is.

(also, I may have misinformed about what processor it is, dunno. )