What's going on with unturned 2

it’s been 9 months since the last devlog for unturned 2 and pretty much anything related to it in general. the only hope i’ve stuck to is the end of month blog posts and even the august one isn’t out for some reason. is there any reason for this? i get he can get burnt out but this is ridiculous. we’re getting to a point where it’s been almost a year since anything happened. is there any other place nelson communicates with the playerbase, did he speak about this?


I think Nelson lost motivation for Unturned II because alot of things he wanted to add to Unturned II could also be added to Unturned 3. But i am not sure.


It has really been a long time since Nelson said anything about UII, I feel that, like the friend above said, he may have lost some of his motivation to develop it.
I don’t judge him, I think he should be free to work with what he wants, which in this case is Unturned 3.0.
Unfortunately, for me, unturned 3.0 is no longer fun and since I got access to U2, I stopped playing and even uninstalled it.
Not that the game is bad, the problem is that I am a guy who enjoys single-player mostly and U3 is definitely not a game made for that.


A quote from the latest devblog.

“This is the seventh end-of-month style devlog. Originally the idea was to combine Unturned and Unturned II behind-the-scenes blogs into monthly updates that would be posted on a predictable day. The past few months however I have found them stressful to write when they do not nicely line up with the completed work, or when there is not much beyond technical details to discuss. Going forward I intend to return to doing occasional Friday posts, for features more engaging to look at.”

TL;DR: If something interesting pops up, it’ll be up on Friday.


He working on the animation for captain cyndey


oh i somehow missed that one, thanks


This is the comment from Nelson i was referring to BTW.

I was honestly looking forward to a new Unturned game to come out on the Unreal Engine. Without a release date for Unturned II, I’ve slowly been losing the motivation to continue playing this game as a whole and have started looking forward to games like Dead Matter and No More Room in Hell 2.

The map size limit in particular is something I see as a huge problem as well as a lack of support for maps larger than the large size. Is it an engine or code limitation for unturned to not implement larger maps and features we saw with UII. Otherwise, I’m genuinely disappointed that Unturned II has stopped development for now.


My question to @SDGNelson is this. When will the next update for UII come out because I’m still hopeful for an Unturned game in Unreal Engine.


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