Whats the point of the 3.0 Map editor "Scale" tool if when I scale things they just go back to normal?

title. Trying to scale a green bed as a means of making a greenscreen (since I cant connect to steam to download a green chroma key greenscreen object)

I’ve seen ant maps before. Surely its possible. Maybe I’m stretching it too far? idk

Most likely your Unturned is bugged.

I mean I can scale NPC’s just fine

cant scale a damn bed.

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Weren’t npc’s unscalable?

Any questions?

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You can’t scale barricades.


The green bed is a barricade, it can’t be scaled like other objects.



any suggestions for something isnt a barricade but is flat and green for a greenscreen?

I’m sure you two of all people, map creators, would be familiar with all the assets and buildings.

A green book.



What makes something a barricade?

If it’s an in-game item.


make the map’s lighting be all green and then make an invisible floor

like 255 0 0 green


Since when could I create green double beds?

If you have a mod installed. I suggest just disabling searching for barricades entirely.

I do something similar. You don’t even need an invisible floor if you just making the lighting black, as the floor won’t reflect anything (although that’s not really a green screen).


ok cool idea. im doing it.

but how do you make a gigantic invisible floor? is there an object name?

use ice or snow but make it like upside down


thanks danaby2, very cool!

also, quick note, Unturned NPC’s when flattened to basically be 2D still look like they’re 3d when doing idle animations idk its freaky

you can also use player clip volumes in the devkit

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ok fuck i turned everything green

how do i not turn myself green

come on guys i dont want to be hulk

dont change the like top/middle/bottom ambience, just change the sky colour and water colour

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